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Alternatives to Trial for DUI Cases in Illinois

The best way to approach an Illinois DUI arrest is to be prepared to go to trial while simultaneously exploring viable alternative to trial for DUI cases in Illinois. Need a good Illinois DUI lawyer? Call us now at (312) 466-9466.

There are three ways to avoid a conviction for DUI in Illinois.

The first way is to fight a DUI case and win. The second way is to convince the prosecution to reduce the charges for a DUI case. The third way is to receive a sentence of Supervision.

Supervision is a sentence available to first offenders only. DUI Supervision is not considered a conviction under Illinois law, even though the defendant either pleads guilty or was found guilty.

The biggest advantage of Supervision is that it will not result in a revocation. If our office has a client whose number one goal is to avoid a revocation, we typically insist on an offer from the prosecution or the court of a sentence of Supervision if the defendant agrees to plead guilty. Otherwise, there is very little incentive to plead guilty, because the resulting conviction triggers an automatic revocation. Anyone who is not a first offender will probably be in this position because only a first offender is eligible for Supervision. Only if jail time is a realistic possibility does a plea resulting in a conviction make sense.

Plea Negotiation in Illinois DUI Cases

Many people arrested for DUI have had the experience of being bombarded by mailers from a number of attorneys offering to represent them, sometimes for very low fees.

People accused of a DUI should remember that you get what you pay for. Some attorneys will do little more than advise a defendant to take an Alcohol and Drug Assessment and then have the defendant plead guilty for the standard offer.

We at the Law Office of Steven R. Hunter will not operate this way. Our experience has shown that preparation and investigation sometimes reveals that a case that first appeared weak is actually strong. In addition, even if a trial does not appear to be the best option, the best way to negotiate a reasonable plea agreement is to appear to be ready to try the case. The prosecutor should feel that he or she may lose the trial, and that even if he or she wins it is going to be hard work. In addition, a defendant wants the prosecution to feel they need to convince the defense to plead guilty with an attractive plea agreement. Anyone who appears ready to plead guilty to a DUI arrest immediately has very little bargaining power.

We stand ready to work with you to get the best possible result for your Illinois DUI case. Call us today at (312) 466-9466.

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