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Avoid Driver's License Suspension in an Illinois DUI Case

In this Illinois DUI case, we helped our client to avoid having his driver's license suspended.

As it turns out, sometimes an attorney can get a good result for a client even if he does not win the case. In this case, Chicago DUI attorney Steven R. Hunter was able to preserve the client's driving privileges, despite the fact that the he was pulled over for traffic violations and had a properly administered breathalyzer test with a result well above the legal limit.

Our office appeared on behalf of the client, and true to our philosophy, was prepared to fight the case with a suppression motion based on an illegal stop of the vehicle. It would have been a difficult motion to win and would have come down to the officer's word versus the client's word.

However, instead of litigating, we negotiated an agreement. The client entered a plea of guilty to DUI, and the prosecution agreed to rescission of the summary suspension, meaning the client's license was never suspended, and also agreed to recommend a sentence of Supervision.

As long as the client met the conditions of his Supervision, his record would not contain a conviction, his license would not be revoked, and in fact he was never without his driving privileges. Keeping his driving privileges was the client's primary concern, so rather than fight a motion with an uncertain outcome, we met his needs with a negotiated plea agreement. (YT 229667).

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