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Avoiding a Posession of Cannabis Conviction

As one of the leading Chicago criminal defense law firms, our team has extensive experience defending clients facing serious charges for drug crimes in Chicago and other Illinois cities. In this particular case, the client wisely chose to hire criminal attorney Steven R. Hunter.
The client was pulled over by the police and accused of driving a stolen car, after the policeman had checked the license plate number. The policeman then ordered the client out of the car, handcuffed him, and searched the car. The search yielded 40 grams of marijuana in sealed plastic bags.
After reviewing the client's evidence, Mr. Hunter obtained and reviewed the prosecution's evidence. The law dictates that U.S. citizens should be free from unreasonable searches and seizures. In this case, the policeman stated that he smelled marijuana before handcuffing the client, which he claims gave him probable cause to search the vehicle.
In trial, Attorney Steven R. Hunter pointed out the flaws in the prosecution’s argument, demonstrating that unburned marijuana sealed in plastic bags would not produce an odor. These doubts led the court to find that the police had no probable cause to search the client’s vehicle.  

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