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Avoiding an Illinois Battery Conviction

A battery conviction in Illinois can scar one’s permanent record. Always engage an experienced criminal defense attorney who has handled many Illinois battery cases previously. Aggressive criminal defense attorneys like Steven R. Hunter fight tirelessly to win Illinois battery cases and get charges dismissed or earn a Not Guilty verdict.

In this particular case, the client took a cab home, but had an unpleasant experience with the driver and eventually refused to tip him. The cab driver got out of the cab, approached the client, and angrily demanded money. The driver then grabbed the client’s shirt and tore it off his body. The client at this point struck the driver, causing a minor laceration to the lip. 

After being accused of battery, he hired the Law Office of Steven R. Hunter to make his case. Mr. Hunter made compelling arguments to the court, stating that the client acted in self defense. He stressed that the client had no reason to fight, and that the cab driver was in fact the aggressor. After hearing the testimony and arguments, the court found Attorney Steven R. Hunter’s client Not Guilty of battery.

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