Charged with Theft In Illinois

Charged with theft in Illinois? It's important that you understand what constitutes a theft crime in Illinois. You'll also need a good Chicago theft attorney to help you prepare for your trial. Call us today at (312) 466-9466.

Our Chicago criminal defense attorneys have extensive experience and a track record of success in defending Illinois residents who are accused of theft.

If you are accused of theft, it is important that you first understand the basics of Illinois theft laws, starting with the legal definition of theft in Illinois.

So, what constitutes theft in Illinois? How does the Illinois Criminal Code define theft?

In Illinois, a person can be arrested for theft if he "obtains control" of the legitimate owner's property.

Even exerting unauthorized control over another person's property or obtaining control of someone's property through deception constitutes theft in Illinois, according to Illinois theft laws. It is also considered a theft crime if you get control of property by making a threat.

What about a person who possesses stolen property but who did not actually steal the property themselves? Does this warrant a theft arrest in Illinois?

The answer is that you can indeed be arrested for theft if you are in possession of stolen property and you either knew that the property had been stolen or would have reason to "reasonably induce" that the property was stolen. In contrast, if you have stolen property but had no knowledge of its being stolen or reason to believe it is stolen, you are not technically guilty of an Illinois theft crime.

These are the most important aspects of the legal definition of theft in Illinois. Illinois theft trials and Illinois theft case proceedings have defined a number of nuances to the law, which are well known to good Illinois theft attorneys.

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