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Charges Dismissed in Illinois Domestic Battery Case

In cases where the prosecution has a weak case, they might choose to drop charges against a defendant. Hiring an experienced, renowned criminal defense lawyer can increases the chances of this situation happening.
In this Illinois domestic battery case, the defendant was taken completely by surprise when he was charged with domestic battery. However, this client wisely hired criminal defense attorney Steven R. Hunter.
The complaining witness in this case was an ex-girlfriend of the client’s, but both had decided to maintain friendly relations after the break-up. One evening, the two decided to go see a movie and agreed to meet at the defendant’s house.
However, the complaining witness did not show up at the designated time. After the defendant had waited two hours, the complaining witness finally arrived, long after the movie had started. The defendant kindly asked her to leave.
At this point, the seemingly pleasant altercation took a turn for the worst. The complaining witness had a few leftover possessions in the client’s home, so she entered and began searching for them. During this time, the defendant told her 20-30 times to leave, all to no avail. At this point, the defendant grabbed her by the upper arm, with his hand on her back, and guided her out the door. The defendant then went back inside.
Roughly 20 minutes later, the police arrived and told the defendant he was under arrest for domestic battery.
Fortunately, this client enlisted the help of experienced criminal defense attorney Steven R. Hunter, who has represented many clients in domestic battery cases throughout his lengthy career. After reviewing the evidence, Mr. Hunter found that the State could fulfill almost none of the requirements to prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt.
Confident, Mr. Hunter moved forward with the case. The prosecution realized they had no chance to win a shaky case against an experienced criminal defense lawyer, and the charges were dropped against this client. (12 DV 7340701).

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