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Disorderly Conduct Attorney Gets Not Guilty Verdict

In this Disorderly Conduct criminal defense case, our Client offered a high school student a ride to school. She declined his offer and he drove off.

Later, she claimed that he yelled "get in the car" in a demanding voice.

The police investigated the case as a potential "child abduction" even though the complaining witness was 17 years old. The client was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct.

At trial, attorney Steven R. Hunter established that the complaining witness had a cellphone but did not call the police and did not mention the incident to anyone until the end of the school day, about 7 hours later.

This established that she could not have been very upset by the incident and therefore the client's actions did not "provoke a breach of the peace." Not Guilty. (13 4 00585801).

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