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Chicago DUI Attorney Gets DUI Charge Dismissed

Client was accused of Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol and Resisting Arrest. Chicago DUI Attorney Steven R. Hunter filed a Petition to Rescind the Summary Suspension and a Motion to Suppress Evidence based upon an illegal arrest.

At the Summary Suspension hearing, Mr. Hunter proved that the police officer arrested the client before asking him to perform field sobriety tests. At that hearing, the officer claimed that the client had his car on the sidewalk and claimed there was an open beer in the car. The court ruled in favor of the defense and rescinded, or took back, any driver's license suspension.

Next, Attorney Steven R. Hunter fought the motion. However, before doing so he went to the scene of the alleged offense and took photographs of the driveway that the officer claimed did not exist. After reviewing the evidence, the Judge said "it sure looks like a driveway to me," and granted the motion, suppressing all evidence concerning the alleged DUI.

With the Officer's creditability badly damaged, the prosecution dismissed the DUI charge and offered a sentence of Supervision to the amended offense of Obstruction of Identification.

The client was pleased to avoid a trial in which several officers would have claimed that he resisted arrest, and the client was pleased to receive expungeable Supervision when he started out with offenses that could not be removed from his record. (11 MC4 002634).

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