Chicago Domestic Violence Attorney

Chicago Domestic Violence Attorney

Have you been arrested for domestic violence or been served with a restraining order? If so, you will need the services of a lawyer who has handled many domestic violence cases. Schedule an in-office consultation with our Chicago domestic violence attorneys today. Our phone number is (312) 466-9466.

After practicing criminal defense in Cook County for over 21 years, Attorney Steven R. Hunter has concluded that the Domestic Violence statutes are the source of more false accusations than other type of offense.

It is an open secret the Chicago Police are ordered to make an arrest for any claim of domestic battery, no matter how obviously untrue. There is also a bias against men when it comes to making charges. These facts has been used by angry wives, ex-wives, girlfriends and ex-girlfriends to obtain revenge for wrongs real and imagined by boyfriends, step-fathers, etc.

Types of Domestic Violence Cases in Illinois

Illinois has many laws pertaining to domestic violence. Our firm handles all domestic violence case types, including but not limited to the following:

Domestic Violence Cases Handled by Our Chicago Criminal Defense Lawyers

These cases are examples of the work we have done in defending those who have been accused of domestic violence. Please be aware that every case is unique and every client has special circumstances. It is unethical for an attorney to guarantee any particular outcome.

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