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In State court drug cases, the most common witnesses are the police.

Drug charges in Cook County frequently have a fact pattern lawyers call "drop cases." In drop cases, police say that they see something suspicious, such as several exchanges of an object for money.

They then approach the individual who then drops a bag of drugs to the ground. The police recover it and arrest the person.

Another common fact pattern is referred to as a "plain view" case. In this type of drug case, police claim to see a package of cocaine or heroin in plain view, such as in the armrest of a car or sticking out of a person's pocket.

These types of cases typically involve smaller amounts of drugs, but possession of cocaine, heroin and many other drugs in any amount is a felony.

Charges involving larger amounts of drugs are also filed in State court, but less frequently. These crimes often involve informants and search warrants.

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