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Sex Crime Case: Sex With a Minor, Not Guilty

Read about a recent Not Guilty verdict for an Illinois sex crime case handled by the Law Office of Steven R. Hunter, a leading Chicago criminal defense law firm. For legal assistance on a sex offense case, speak with an experienced Chicago sex offense attorney today by calling (312) 466-9466.

Our law firm recently successfully defended a young man who was charged with Criminal Sexual Abuse because he had a sexual relationship with his girlfriend.

The girl went to a different school than our client and had listed herself as 17 on her MySpace page. In addition, she had the physical appearance of someone much older than her true (minor-status) age of 13.

Because the girl's guardian was incensed that she was in a relationship with an African-American, she insisted on pressing charges and brow beat the girl into cooperating with the police. However, through the MySpace page and other means, our sex crime defense attorney was able to establish at trial that our client had every reason to believe she was over 17, which is a defense under 720 ILCS 5/12-17 (b).

The result was a not guilty verdict.

Our legal team has a winning record of defense against sex crime charges throughout Chicago and northern Illinois. To get more information or to arrange an in-office consultation with one of our criminal defense lawyers, contact us today.

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