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If you or a loved one has been arrested for criminal damage to property, contact our firm today to schedule an in-office consultation with our Chicago criminal defense attorneys. Our phone number is (312) 466-9466.

Criminal damage to property can be a misdemeanor of felony, depending on many factors. See 720 ILCS 5/21-1. Criminal damage to government supported property is always a felony. See 720 ILCS 5/21-4. The class of felony and punishment depends on the dollar value of the damage and the action taken. For example, damaging property in excess of $300 is a Class 4 felony. Setting off a stink bomb in a church or school is a Class 4 felony if the intention is "to interfere with the use by another of the land or building. (See 720 ILCS 5/21-1(2)). So if an underage prankster sets off a stink bomb in school to get out of the algebra quiz, he could be facing life as a convicted felon.

If you or a loved one has been accused of criminal damage to property, don't take chances. Consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney who will protect your rights and fight for you. Call the Law Office of Steven R. Hunter today to schedule an office consultation.

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