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Criminal Trespass Not Guilty Finding

In this Illinois criminal trespass case, the defendant was found in the complainant’s house, visiting the complainant’s daughter. On repeated occasions, the complainant had told the client to cease contact with her daughter and stop visiting their place of residence. However, the client held that she had been invited into the home on this occasion by the daughter.
After being charged, the defendant wisely hired criminal defense attorney Steven R. Hunter, who has plentiful experience defending against criminal trespass charges. In order to be charged with trespass, the prosecution must prove, among other things, that the defendant was not invited onto the property.
In this particular situation, the judge moved to have a trial sooner than expected. Other, less experienced criminal defense lawyers might have asked for a continuance in order to have time to prepare witnesses and arguments.
However, Attorney Steven R. Hunter agreed to go to trial. He knew that the prosecution lacked the necessary evidence to prove criminal trespass. The prosecution presented only one witness, the complainant, who claimed with no basis that the defendant was not invited into the house.
Mr. Hunter did not even have to make an opening and closing statement or ask any questions on cross-examination. After years of experience as a practicing criminal defense lawyer, he knew that this case was a surefire victory.
Thanks to Mr. Hunter’s expertise and experience, the client was found Not Guilty within a month and a half of the arrest.

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