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If you are convicted of DUI in DuPage County, you will be required to undergo a DUI evaluation. This test aims to assess the severity of a defendant's alcohol problem. The information is then used by the court to determine a sentence or treatment plan.

Each county has its own process for administering this evaluation. Below, you can find more information about the specific procedures in DuPage County. It is important to have an understanding of and be prepared for the evaluation, because the results affect the length and severity of sentence mandated by a judge.

What to Expect from a DuPage County DUI Evaluation

The DUI evaluation is designed to understand a particular individual's relationship to drugs or alcohol and what risk he or she poses to public safety. This information is used to determine a defendant's treatment plan using various DUI risk classifications.

The evaluation itself includes both an interview and written component. The written portion is often referred to as a Standard Objective test.

The interview focuses on past and current alcohol or drug usage. The interviewer may ask specific questions about how alcohol usage relates to driving history.

In additional, the staff member administering the evaluation will also take a look at your driving history as well at any chemical test results (i.e. the blood alcohol content detected at time of arrest).

Once the evaluation is complete, the evaluator will give a classification to the defendant and recommend a certain degree of treatment.

DuPage County DUI Evaluation Procedure

DuPage County requires that all evaluations go through the DUI Court Sentence Monitoring office. As a defendant, you will be assigned a date and time to report for the evaluation.

The DUI Evaluation Unit is housed in Room 135 in the DuPage County Courthouse, 503 North County Farm, Wheaton, Illinois 60187. The office's hours are Monday through Thursday 7a.m. to 7p.m., Friday 7a.m. to 3p.m., and Saturday 8a.m. to 2p.m.

How much does a DUI evaluation cost in DuPage County? Unless you qualify as indigent, the evaluation costs $250, and you must arrive with that amount in the form of a check, money order, or mainstream credit or debit card. The office does not accept cash.

It is possible to pay a reduced fee. If you would like to apply to qualify as indigent, you must provide additional supporting documents to prove your eligibility. These required documents include: most recent State or Federal tax return, current pay stubs, any public aid card or verification, an Illinois driver's license or ID, last month's bank statement, and proof of an financial aid you are receiving. The office will use this information to determine whether you are eligible to have the evaluation fee waived or lowered.

Unfortunately, interpretation is not available. If you or a loved one are not a native English speaker, it is your responsibility to bring along someone who can translate between your native language and English.

For more information on the DuPage County DUI evaluation process, you can visit the County of DuPage website. Our law firm can also help you sort through this process and ensure that you arrive prepared and complete the evaluation process as smoothly as possible.

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