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Public Indecency Arrest

An arrest for public indecency should be taken very seriously. Call us today at (312) 466-9466 to see how our Chicago sex offense lawyers can assist you in defending yourself against this serious sex crime.

Public indecency consists of performing an act of sexual penetration in a public place or exposure of the body for sexual gratification.

The classic example is a "flasher" who exposes his genitals for sexual gratification. Steven R. Hunter has defended this charge many times. In almost every case the defendant was actually urinating outdoors, so the element of sexual gratification is missing.

Nevertheless, the prosecutors often refuse to drop the charges and defendants need to fight the case with an aggressive, experienced criminal defense attorney.

If you have been arrested for public indecency, call us today at (312) 466-9466 to see how Steven R. Hunter can help you.

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