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Having to Register as a Sex Offender

Sex offender registration can be a humiliating experience. To avoid having to register as a sex offender in Illinois, you should contact our Chicago sex crime attorneys to discuss your situation and your concerns. Call us today at (312) 466-9466.

Sex offense sentencing in Illinois includes prison time for a sex crime conviction, sometimes involving consecutive prison sentences.

In addition to incarceration, sex offenses usually involve other consequences, including having to register as a sex offender. Chapter 703 ILCS 150/1, et. al. has a long list of offenses which result in the accused becoming a registered sex offender. This statute requires convicted offenders to register with the local Chief of Police or Sheriff. Information about them is frequently posted on the internet, and they are prohibited from residing near areas such as parks and playgrounds.

The length of the registration depends on the offense, but can range from 10 years to life. Some charges, which on their face do not appear to be sex offenses, can result in a sex offender registration requirement if a court finds the crime was sexually motivated. People charged with kidnapping and unlawful restraint of a victim under 18 need to be wary of such an outcome.

Our Chicago sex crime attorneys help our clients to get beyond sex offense accusations, avoiding results that can cost them their freedom and their reputation. To speak with an experienced Illinois sex offense lawyer, call us today at (312) 466-9466.

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