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Criminal Sexual Assault - An Overview

Criminal Sexual Assault can be charged if there is sexual penetration and; (1) the accused uses force or threat of force; or (2) the accused knew that the victim was unable to understand the nature of the act or give consent; or (3) the victim is a family member under the age of 18; or (4) the victim was at least 13 but under 18 years of age and the accused was 17 or older and held a position of trust or authority.

How to Win a Criminal Sexual Assault Case

The best approach for winning a criminal sexual assault case depends on which subsection a defendant is charged under.

A believable denial that any sex act occurred is a defense to all four subsections. This typically involves attacking the truthfulness of the alleged victim and any other accusers. For example, it may be possible to show that the alleged victim changed his or her story about what happened, or was angry with the defendant before the accusation is made. Disproving the element of penetration is another way to win a criminal sexual assault charge. In other cases, an alibi is available and the defense can prove that the defendant could not have committed the alleged act.

Sex offenses are complex. An in-depth interview with a Chicago sex offense law firm such as the Law Office of Steven R. Hunter is essential to determine what defenses are available to you. Steven R. Hunter is an experienced sex offense lawyer who can help you choose the defense that is right for you.

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