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How to Win a Telephone Harassment Case in Illinois

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Today, the most common form of harassment charge is telephone harassment. This crime involves using a telephone to convey obscene comments or to abuse, threaten or harass a person or to cause the phone to repeatedly ring, or to conduct a harassing conversation, among other things. See 720 ICLS 135/1-1. Individuals in rocky relationships often have many telephone conversations. In an effort to appear victimized, an angry or vindictive ex can produce a telephone bill or caller ID log with multiple calls and claim telephone harassment.

If the person is over 13, the accused can use the defense of consent. Showing that calls were made to you from the accuser is a good way to establish this fact. Voicemails can also reveal consent to receive telephone calls.

In addition to telephone harassment, charges can be made through electronic communication. See 720 ICLS 135/1-2. Emails, texts, tweets, Facebook messages, etc., can all be used to press a charge of this type. Individuals should be very careful about what they say in a voicemail, email or any other medium, and never say anything that could be construed as harassment.

How to Win a Telephone Harassment Case in Illinois

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