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Illinois Battery and Assault Charges Dismissed

Aggressive criminal defense attorneys in Illinois like Steven R. Hunter strive endlessly to defend clients in Illinois battery cases and get charges dismissed or earn a Not Guilty verdict.
In this Illinois battery case, the client inadvertently hit an acquaintance in the face during a verbal altercation. After being kicked out of the victim’s house, the client remained near the front yard and argued with a group of the home’s residents. The conflict escalated, and the owner of the house threw a candlestick at the client.
Then, the client meant to point at something, but missed, hitting the victim in the face. The victim and her relatives immediately called the authorities and claimed that the client had slapped the victim with an open hand.
The client wisely hired Attorney Steven R. Hunter, an aggressive and experienced trial attorney with a long track record of winning domestic battery cases in Illinois.
After reviewing the client's evidence, Mr. Hunter obtained and reviewed the prosecution's evidence. In trial, Mr. Hunter emphasized that his client was not a purposeful aggressor, and he pointed to evidence demonstrating the victim and her family’s violent behavior just prior to the incident.
In this Illinois battery case, the charges of battery and assault were dismissed by the Cook County State’s Attorneys office.

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