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Illinois DUI Case: Charges Dismissed

Read about a recent DUI case we won. Your Illinois DUI case deserves attention from experienced Illinois drunk driving attorneys. Call (312) 466-9466 for a helpful consultation with our Chicago drunk driving lawyers.

The Law Office of Steven R. Hunter recently defended a man who was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol.

The police came upon a car one winter night with fogged windows and two people inside with the engine running. They ordered the occupants out of the car, and a naked man and woman emerged from the driver's side door. The police administered FST's and arrested the man for DUI. He failed the breathalyzer test. However, the investigation revealed that piles of plowed snow lined the street, making it impossible to open the passenger side door.

Additionally, the car was registered locally, but the defendant was from another state and was only in town for business. With the defense that the car belonged to the woman and that she was the driver, along with proof that the two of them were in the passenger seat enjoying intimate contact, our lawyer ultimately convinced the prosecution to dismiss the charges.

Our law firm has vast experience with DUI cases throughout Illinois.  To get more information or if you've been charged with a DUI and need to schedule a no-fee office consultation with one of our DUI attorneys, contact us today.

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