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Illinois Domestic Battery Charges Dismissed

In this Illinois domestic battery case, the client got into an altercation with his on-again, off-again girlfriend near her apartment. She flagged down the police and claimed he was attacking her.

The police were apparently unconvinced and told the client to leave her apartment building. In a display of spectacular bad judgment, the client, who had been drinking heavily, went once around the block and immediately returned to the home of the complaining witness, managed to enter her apartment, and was engaged in a loud argument when the police returned in response to her 911 call.

With no witnesses or visible injuries, this was a triable case, although one with definite problems. However, Attorney Steven R. Hunter had been victorious in a trial in the same court room the previous week. It is extremely likely that this influenced negotiations.

The prosecution agreed to dismiss all criminal charges in exchange for the client's agreement to a one year civil order of protection. (12 DV 7448901).

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