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If you have been arrested for federal drug crimes in Illinois, our experienced federal drug crime lawyers are here to help. Call (312) 466-9466 today to schedule an in-office appointment to discuss your case.

Federal drug prosecutions differ from State court drug charges in many ways.

Federal prosecution use snitches, body wires worn by snitches, telephone wiretaps, and search warrants far more often than state cases.

In addition, Federal drug prosecutions typically involve more drugs, usually at least 50 grams of cocaine or heroin. Moreover, federal prosecutions often involve conspiracy charges and indict numerous defendants at one time.

Federal prosecutors have the added advantage of being able to offer co-defendants substantial decreases in their sentences if they cooperate and testify against defendants, which usually happens.

Finally, the penalties for Federal drug crimes are enormous. A person convicted of a drug charge in Federal court will typically serve many more years than a person convicted of a similar charge in State court.

Federal drug cases need the help of an experienced attorney. To learn more about how our office can help your Federal drug case, contact us for a no-fee office consultation.

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