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Illinois Order of Protection Petition

Although Attorney Steven R. Hunter primarily represents clients in criminal cases, his expertise and experience extend to some areas of civil law. In this particular Order of Protection case, the defendant wisely called our offices after his ex-girlfriend asked for an order of protection against him.

The ex-girlfriend alleged that the client had posted a nude picture of her on the internet, sent her more than 100 texts a day, and threatened her over email. Troubled at these false accusations, the client called the law offices of criminal defense attorney Steven R. Hunter.

Hiring an experienced attorney was critical in this case, and the petitioner made the mistake of representing herself. At trial, the petitioner failed to bring any witnesses, had no evidence of the alleged text messages, and provided no proof that the nude picture was connected to our client. The only evidence she attempted to use was objectionable in a court of law, and Attorney Steven Hunter was quickly able to object and exclude it from the trial.

In this case, the court ruled in favor of the respondent, our client. Although many parties in order of protection cases think they can represent themselves, it is much more prudent to hire an attorney. The defendant in this altercation made a wise decision in contacting our offices, while the petitioner wasted time, money, and effort representing herself. If you think you need an attorney for an order of protection case, contact our Chicago offices. (12 OP 74989).

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