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Domestic violence cases are sensitive matters. When the court or police get involved in disputes between family members or spouses, it can be a tense situation. Our offices understand the uniquely difficult nature of domestic violence cases, and we are committed to zealous criminal defense. For a free legal consultation with a Lake County Domestic Violence attorney, call our offices at (312) 466-9466.

Domestic violence cases are some of the most common criminal matters taken up by the court in Lake County.

These cases usually arise when there is a domestic incident and someone -- the victim, or a witness -- calls the police. After the authorities become involved, the case is in the hands of the State. If the prosecutors choose to bring charges against the accused, they may do so -- no matter what the victim wants. In other words, if the victim changes their mind and no longer wishes to bring charges against their abuser, it doesn't matter. If the Lake County State's Attorney wants to proceed with the case, then the charges will be brought.

He Said, She Said: False Accusation?

These types of criminal cases are infamous for their "he said, she said" character. This volatile nature makes for tricky cases, often with competing accounts of what happened or sticky family dynamics. It is the job of the court to hear all sides of the story and determine the truth of the matter, and it is the job of a criminal defense attorney to ensure that his client's rights are preserved.

At the Law Offices of Steven R. Hunter, we have grown familiar with the sensitive nature of domestic violence cases over our thirty years in the practice. We are committed to our clients, and we advocate for their rights to be protected no matter what claims are made against them. We are well-versed in your rights have an understanding of legal defense strategies that are effective in preserving those rights. If you find yourself facing domestic violence charges in Lake County, hire a Lake County criminal defense lawyer who has the skills and experience needed to fight your case effectively.

Lake County Domestic Violence Cases

"Domestic violence" is not a criminal charge. Rather, it is an umbrella term, under which many different criminal charges fall. You may be familiar with some of the most common of these charges, which include assault, domestic battery, harassment, and stalking, among others.

In order for an act of violence to be considered "domestic" in the eyes of the criminal justice system, it must meet certain criteria. Primarily, there must be a "domestic" relationship between the perpetrator and the victim. This could refer to spouses, parents, children, stepchildren, or individuals related by blood or marriage. In addition, if the two involved parties are not related formally but they share a dwelling, a dispute can qualify as a domestic offense.

In Lake County, domestic violence cases are not uncommon. In 2015, Illinois State Police reported roughly 1550 domestic offenses, a rise from 1450 in 2014.

If you are facing a domestic violence charge, the consequences can be serious. A domestic violence conviction can be a permanent stain on a person's record. With certain charges, such as domestic battery, a conviction is permanent and can never be removed from a criminal record. It is always better to act now rather than later and contact a Lake County criminal defense lawyer. Your future employment or relationships could be in jeopardy.

Lake County Domestic Violence Court Information

All Lake County domestic violence cases are heard in the C-207 Annex at the Lake County Courthouse in Waukegan. Currently, Associate Judge Veronica M. O'Malley is the presiding judge over all domestic criminal matters. All bench and jury trials -- including related pre-trial and post-trial matters and motions -- are heard in the C-207 Annex.

Lake County created this court dedicated to domestic violence after several high profile domestic murders occurred in 1994. At that time, the Lake County State's Attorney also founded a Domestic Violence Council, consisting of members from the State's Attorney's Office, shelters, the courts, and various area police departments to modify and reinvent police and court procedures for domestic violence cases.

If you have a domestic violence court date coming up, visit our article on the Lake County Criminal Court System to learn more about court procedures and policies.

Useful Resources for Lake County Domestic Violence Defendants

  • Lake County Assault and Battery Attorney -- Battery is the most common domestic violence charge faced by defendants in Illinois and is often paired with a charge of Assault. If you find yourself battling accusations of battery or assault, there are several legal defense strategies at your disposal to help you fight your case and prevent long-lasting legal consequences.
  • Lake County Order of Protection Process -- In many cases of domestic violence, judges will implement an Order of Protection or "No Contact Order." These orders can prevent alleged perpetrators from contacting a victim, talking to their children, or even going near the victim's residence or workplace. This article discusses Lake County order of protection procedures and what you can expect if you are the petitioner or respondent to an order of protection.
  • Lake County Order of Protection Defenses -- Violating an order of protection is a criminal offense in Illinois. If you have had an order of protection lodged against you, and you would like to challenge it, this page will address some of the specific concerns faced by respondents.

Domestic Violence Cases Handled By Our Lake County Criminal Defense Attorneys

Criminal cases that involve family members can be some of the most difficult to navigate as a defendant facing criminal charges. Due to their personal nature, domestic violence cases can be sensitive and tense matters. At the Law Office of Steven R. Hunter, we understand the delicate nature of your case. For every domestic violence charge, there is a defense -- and we are ready and willing to advocate on your behalf to ensure that the truth is preserved. Our office provides first-class criminal defense representation for all types of domestic violence charges in Lake County.

A Lake County domestic violence charge can become a permanent stain on your record without a smart, engineered criminal defense. We can help you in your pursuit of justice. Call our firm today to schedule a legal consultation with our Lake County criminal defense attorneys. Our phone number is (312) 466-9466.

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