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If you or a loved one are facing charges of Driving Under the Influence (DUI) in McHenry County, we can help. We have thirty years under our belt battling DUI cases and winning. To speak to a McHenry County DUI lawyer about your case today, call (312) 466-9466.

25 years ago, Illinois revised its requirements for individuals charged with DUI, requiring them to undergo an evaluation that classifies defendants into one of four risk levels with prescribed treatment requirements. The evaluation assesses whether a defendant has an alcohol abuse or dependence issue and is used at sentencing. Once the evaluation has been completed, a medical professional submits a report to the court that informs the judge's decision on sentencing.

Every Illinois county has its own process for administering this evaluation. In this article, we will provide information about the resources and procedures in McHenry County. When we advise our clients, we urge them to be prepared for the evaluation, because the results affect the length and severity of sentence mandated by a judge.

What Does a McHenry County DUI Evaluation Entail?

In McHenry County, you must obtain a DUI evaluation from an Illinois Division of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse (DASA)-licensed provider.

The evaluation itself includes both a written and an interview component. The written portion is called a Standard Objective test. During the interview portion, the evaluator will ask about current and past alcohol usage. They may also ask about past experiences with drinking and driving. Finally, they will also consider your driving history and any breathalyzer or chemical test results that came from the arrest. The results of the test are formulated into a recommended treatment plan that is then forwarded to the court.

Since 1992, Illinois has separated DUI evaluations into four classifications: Minimal Risk, Moderate Risk, Significant Risk, and High Risk. Each of these four categories corresponds with a certain level of treatment or counseling that a defendant is asked to complete.

All of these classifications recommend at least 10 hours minimum of Alcohol Risk Education. In the most extreme cases, the evaluator can recommend inpatient treatment or intensive outpatient counseling.

It is important to note that in McHenry County, you are responsible for bearing the cost of the DUI evaluation. The costs can vary based on the provider but usually range from $100-$200.

McHenry County DUI Evaluation Providers

There are various providers spread across McHenry County that offer DUI evaluations. The pricing of the DUI evaluation depends on the specific provider. We encourage you to call the provider directly for this information, and all phone numbers are listed below as well as each facility's address. Each of these providers offers DUI evaluations, and some of them also offer DUI education or substance abuse treatment services as well.

  • A New Way of Life, Inc.
    720 Industrial Dr. Ste 106 Cary IL 60013
  • Northwest Community Counseling Services
    101 N. Virginia Ste 110 Crystal Lake IL 60014
  • The Counseling Center, Inc
    241 Commerce Drive Rm. 203 Crystal Lake IL 60014
  • Direct Counseling, Inc.
    651 W. Terra Cotta Ave. Ste 210 Crystal Lake IL 60014
  • Crystal Lake Wellness, LLC
    610 Crystal Point Drive Ste 3 Crystal Lake IL 60014
  • Mathers Clinic
    145 S. Virginia St. Ste C Crystal Lake IL 60014
  • The Counseling Center, Inc.
    28 N. Ayer St. Harvard IL 60033
  • Mathers Clinic, LLC
    715 W. Judd St. Woodstock IL 60098
  • Direct Counseling, Inc.
    666 Russel Ct. Ste 200 Woodstock IL 60098
  • DUI Associates, Inc.
    1212 N. Seminary Ave. Ste 2, Woodstock IL 60098

McHenry County DUI Attorneys

DUI charges aren't unbeatable. We have a history of zealously defending Illinois residents accused of drunk driving. In some cases, we have argued that the police had no probable cause for arrest. In others, we have suppressed evidence from the field sobriety or breathalyzer test because the officers did not follow correct legal procedure. One of these legal defense strategies could be key to your exoneration. Call us today at (312) 466-9466 to discuss your case with a McHenry County DUI lawyer.

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