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Not Guilty Verdict for Arrest After Illinois Order of Protection

The defendant and his wife were in the midst of a divorce when her lawyer obtained an Order of Protection against him during a period of time in which he did not have a lawyer.

A few days after the order was entered, the wife persuaded the Glenview police to arrest her husband because he had sent her a text reminding her that the Home Depot bill was due.

Attorney Steven R. Hunter was provided with a copy of the order by the prosecution which indicated he was to have no contact with her. However, Mr. Hunter also reviewed the original order in the divorce file at the Daley Center. That order stated that he could contact his wife as necessary for their joint heating and cooling business. The Home Depot bill was part of the business.

At trial the wife insisted no such provision existed. However, Mr. Hunter submitted a certified copy of the order. In addition, his cross-examination of the complaining witness was so effective that the Judge called her a liar and granted a Motion for Directed Finding of Acquittal at the close of the State's evidence.

The complaining witness was so angry that an alert sheriff warned attorney Hunter to follow his client after they left the courthouse. Sure enough, she cut Attorney Hunter and his client off in traffic and followed them around like a lunatic. Attorney Hunter had to call the Morton Grove police to run her off. Not Guilty. (14 DV 20742).

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