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Petitions for Orders of Protection or No Contact Orders can be a necessary legal protection against persons who are dangerous. However, they can also be abused by vindictive parties who have no legitimate fears. Attorney Steven R. Hunter has successfully defended Clients accused of acts they did not commit, but has also helped Clients seeking Orders of Protection or No Contact orders.

Orders of Protection can have serious consequences. An Order can require you to vacate your home, relinquish property, and even limit your access to your children. An Order of Protection can prohibit you from going to specific places, or have any contact at all, directly or through a third party. A text, an email, a phone call, even a card can land you in jail after an Order of Protection is issued. If you are subject to such an order, even a temporary emergency order, your FOID card or your right to bear arms will be revoked. Other consequences are possible as well. Therefore, when you are served with an Order of Protection petition, you should not take it lightly. Contact the Law Office of Steven R. Hunter and fight for your rights!

Some orders of protection are sought as part of a criminal case or a divorce. If so, the defense attorney or divorce attorney should handle the defense of the order as part of the overall case. Although Steven R. Hunter does not handle divorce cases, he specializes in criminal defense and civil orders of protection.

An individual can file a civil Petition for an Order of Protection without paying a filing fee. Not surprisingly, many Petitions are filed after a breakup by bitter exes. If such an order is entered, only a judge can vacate it. This means that once an order is entered, if the person who obtained the order agrees to contact it is still a violation of the order. Criminal charges are frequently filed for violating an order of protection even over the Petitioner's objection.

The Law Office of Steven R. Hunter has successfully defended many Petitions for Orders of Protection and has also successfully obtained Orders for clients. If you are involved in a civil Order of Protection litigation, contact our office today.

Order of Protection Cases Handled by Our Chicago Area Attorneys

These cases are representative of our experience helping clients with Orders of Protection and No Contact Orders. Please be aware that every case is unique and every client has special circumstances. It is unethical for an attorney to guarantee any particular outcome.

See also our Guide to Illinois Orders of Protection which contains helpful information for petitioners and respondents.

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