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Possession of a Stolen Motor Vehicle and Deferred Prosecution

In this Possession of a Stolen Motor Vehicle case, the client and a passenger were pulled over by a police car, but evaded stopping for approximately 15 blocks while maintaining dangerously high speeds. Eventually, while attempting to turn, the car crashed into a light pole, at which time the driver and the passenger attempted to flee on foot. After being taken into custody, the police discovered that the vehicle was stolen.
At this point, the client wisely chose to hire criminal defense attorney Steven R. Hunter.
The client was a first-time offender with a nonviolent felony charge, therefore making him eligible for a Deferred Prosecution program. After successfully completing the requirements of this 12-month program, all felony charges will be dropped, and no convictions will be listed on his permanent record. (12 1 12108701).
If you think you could be eligible for the Deferred Prosecution program and would like more information, please visit More Information on Deferred Prosecution

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