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Probation Granted in Will County Order of Protection Violation Case

This criminal case involved violating an order of protection in Will County, Illinois.

Prior to engaging our Will County criminal defense attorneys, the client lost a hearing involving an Order of Protection in which he represented himself in Will County courts.

He was ordered to have no contact with the complaining witness. Unfortunately, he did so about a minor financial matter.

He was arrested and prosecuted in Will County for violating a protection order. Attorney Steven R. Hunter worked with his client to create a great deal of mitigation. He conducted a 402 conference in which he asked the Judge to sentence his client to probation and allow the administration of the sentence to be transferred to Cook County.

At first the Judge refused and instead was considering jail time. The judge did this mainly because the prosecution claimed that the client had been harassing the complaining witness on the internet. The conference was continued to determine if the Cook County Probation could monitor a condition prohibiting the client from posting things about the complaining witness on social media. Mr. Hunter contacted Cook County probation and acquired the necessary assurances.

When the case resumed, the court agreed to sentence the client to probation.

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