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Representative Cases

For aggressive legal representation in US Federal court and Illinois state courts, speak with an experienced Chicago criminal defense attorney today. Call (312) 466-9466 for an initial conversation with an experienced Illinois defense lawyer.

The following examples are from actual cases. We have taken steps to describe these Illinois criminal defense cases in a way that does not disclose the identity of our clients.

Sex Crime Cases

Drunk Driving Cases

Drug Cases

  • Cocaine Drug Case - Our drug crime lawyers were able to get a not guilty verdict for a trucker caught with a truckload containing 20 kilos of cocaine.
  • Cannabis Drug Case - In this case, 40 grams of marijuana were discovered in our client's car, but the court found that the police had no probable cause to search the vehicle.
  • Charges Dismissed and Evidence Suppressed in Marijuana Drug Case - After we proved that this marijuana arrest involved an illegal stop, all evidence was suppressed and charges were dismissed.

Domestic Violence Cases

Order of Protection Cases

Battery and Assault Cases

Illinois Weapons Violation Cases

Retail Theft Cases

  • Avoided Prison in Retail Theft Case - Our client received probation for her retail theft case, rather than going to prison, which was a likely outcome prior to our getting involved.

Possesssion of a Stolen Motor Vehicle Cases

Criminal Intellectual Property Cases

  • Misdemeanor Trademark Infringement - This case demonstrates the power of being willing to go to trial. Simply by preparing aggressively for trial, our Chicago criminal defense lawyers were able to get a positive outcome on this case.

Crimes Against Persons Battery Case

Chicago Burglary Cases and Accusations

Disorderly Conduct Cases

Time is of the essence when dealing with a criminal case. If you need a good criminal lawyer in Chicago for criminal cases in or near the Chicago area, contact our Chicago criminal defense lawyer now by calling (312) 466-9466.

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