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Will County Criminal Court Records Expungement and Sealing

If you search your Will County criminal record and aren't pleased by what you see, don't lose hope. Illinois law allows individuals with a criminal record to file to expunge or seal their records as long as their criminal history meets several qualifications. It can be difficult to pursue normal tasks like apply for a job or find an apartment with a criminal conviction in your background. If the option to expunge or seal that record is available to you, it is definitely worth it to do so.

How is expungement different from sealing a criminal record? If you file and win expungement of your criminal records, any arrest records or court supervisions will be deleted from your record as if they had never occurred. On the other hand, sealing a criminal record only prevents the public from accessing it and does not permanently erase it. Details about past arrests or convictions can still be accessed through a court order.

Whether you are eligible to clear your Will County criminal record depends on what type of charges or convictions are listed. If the following criteria apply to you, you have a fair chance of at successfully expunging or sealing your record:

  • You do have not any pending criminal charges.
  • You have completed any and all sentences, including parole, probation, or court supervision.
  • The proper "waiting period" for the offense has passed. This waiting period varies and depends on the conviction. More information can be found on the Illinois courts website.

If you were arrested or charged for a misdemeanor or felony that did not result in a conviction, then it can be cleared from your record. However, if you were convicted, the process is more complicated. Whether or not a conviction can be expunged or sealed depends on additional factors, including the type and class of charge and the terms of the sentence. The most straightforward way to determine eligibility for expungement or sealing is to consult a Will County criminal defense lawyer.

Will County Criminal Court Record Sealing Procedure

If you would like to seal or expunge your Will County criminal court records, it is recommended that you hire an experienced Will County criminal defense attorney who will guide you through the process, meet all regulations required by law, and ensure that your record gets wiped clean. Our office has years of practice filing expungement petitions in Will County and across Illinois.

Will County Criminal Record Expungement and Sealing Fees

To file a request to expunge or seal a criminal record, Will County charges a filing fee of $60.00.

There is also a $10.46 mailing fee for adults and $31.38 for juvenile criminal records. If the petition is granted by the Court, and you would like to mail a certified copy to an agency or organization, each mailing carries a fee of $14.46 for adult records. For juveniles, it is free to send notice by mail of juvenile criminal record expungement or sealing.

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