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When a criminal case involves a family or household member, it can be all the more difficult to navigate as a defendant facing criminal charges. If you have been arrested for a domestic violence charge in Will County, enlist the assistance of a Will County criminal defense lawyer who has the experience and skill necessary to ease your situation. For a free domestic relations legal consultation, call our offices at (312) 466-9466.

Domestic violence cases can be complicated, with competing accounts of the truth or sticky family dynamics. At our law offices, we understand the sensitive nature of domestic offenses and fight to ensure that our clients' rights are protected no matter what claims are made against them. Our Will County domestic violence attorneys are well-versed in your rights and will leverage our years of experience in the courtroom to defend you.

Domestic violence criminal cases arise when there is a domestic incident and the authorities are called. Once the police and the Will County State's Attorney's Office are involved, it doesn't matter if the victim changes their mind or takes back what they said. If the State wants to proceed with the case, it will do so.

These types of cases are often the most difficult to maneuver due to their family-oriented and personal nature. If you are facing a Will County domestic violence case, it's important to seek legal advice and representation from a Will County criminal defense lawyer who understands what pathways are available to defendants. Our office provides top-notch criminal defense representation for all types of domestic violence charges in Will County. For every domestic violence charge, there is a defense -- and we are ready and willing to advocate on your behalf to ensure that the truth is preserved.

Will County Domestic Violence Law

There are multiple charges that fall under the umbrella of domestic violence, including domestic battery, stalking, assault, and harassment, among others. What makes a crime "domestic" is that a domestic relationship exists between the offender and the victim, which includes spouses, former spouses, parents, children, stepchildren, and people related by blood or marriage. Additionally, any case where the participants share or formerly shared a dwelling can qualify as a domestic offense, even if the two people involved are not related formally.

Domestic violence cases are frequently prosecuted in Will County. In 2015, Will County reported 3,460 domestic offenses 2015, while 3,803 were recorded in 2014.

A domestic violence conviction can be a permanent stain on a person's record. In some cases, such as domestic battery, a conviction is permanent and can never be removed from a criminal record. If you are facing a domestic violence charge, it is always better to act now rather than later and contact a Will country criminal defense lawyer. Your future employment or relationships could be at risk.

Will County Domestic Violence Court Information

In Will County, all criminal matters related to domestic violence are heard in the Will County courthouse. Each year, a new judge is assigned to preside over all domestic violence crimes.

This year, in 2017, all domestic violence bench and jury trials -- including related pre-trial and post-trial matters and motions -- are heard by Judge Edward Burmila in Courtroom 403.

If you have a domestic violence court date coming up, visit our page on Will County Criminal Courthouse to learn more about court procedures and rules specific to Will County.

Useful Resources for Will County Domestic Violence Defendants

Will County Domestic Battery Charges -- Domestic battery is the most common domestic violence charge faced by defendants in Illinois. If you find yourself battling accusations of battery, there are several options available to you to make a sturdy case for your innocence.

Will County Order of Protection Cases -- Orders of Protection prohibit an offender from interacting with a purported victim. This article discusses how to obtain or dispute a Will County Order of Protection and what you can expect if you receive a summons to Will County Court for an order of protection hearing.

Domestic Violence Cases Handled By Our Will County Criminal Defense Attorneys

Don't let a Will County domestic violence conviction become a permanent stain on your record. We can help you in your pursuit of justice. Contact our firm today to schedule an in-office consultation with our Will County criminal defense attorneys. Our phone number is (312) 466-9466.

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