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If you have been arrested for DUI in Will County and are convicted, you may be asked to enroll in an alcohol counseling or education program. Just which programs a defendant is required to complete will be determined by the sentence handed down by a judge or jury. Examples of available services include alcohol education classes, DUI risk education, out-patient and in-patient treatment, and adolescent- specific services.

There are 21 treatment centers in Will County located across the county in Joliet, Bolingbrook, Crete, Frankfort, Mokena, Naperville, New Lenox, and Plainfield.

A defendant who has been found guilty of Driving Under the Influence will be asked to take an Alcohol and Drug Evaluation. Based on the results of that examination, an evaluator will assign an offender one of four classifications: Minimum Risk, Moderate Risk, Significant Risk, and High Risk. When it comes time for sentencing, this classification will be used by the judge to determine which alcohol education or counseling program an offender must complete as part of their sentence.

Will County DUI Treatment Classifications

Each risk level carries a guideline recommendation for length and rigor of treatment.

Minimum Risk requires at least 10 hours of DUI Risk Education. If the court sentences you to Moderate Risk treatment, you will be required to fulfill a minimum of 10 hours of DUI Risk Education as well as at least 12 hours of early intervention counseling.

The next level, Significant Risk, requires 10+ hours of DUI Risk Education, at least 20 hours of substance abuse treatment, and ongoing participation in additional activities determined by a continuing care plan.

Finally, a classification of High Risk will require at least 75 hours of substance abuse treatment and ongoing adherence to a continuing care plan. However, it should be noted that these guidelines could be increased by a judge or jury if there are additional aggravating circumstances.

Will County DUI Treatment Providers

Not all Will County DUI treatment centers offer programs of every level, but the majority offer the basic DUI Risk Education program. For a complete list of which treatment centers offer which services, visit the website of the Circuit Clerk of Will County.

If you have been convicted of DUI in Will County and sentenced substance abuse treatment, you may find yourself at one of the 21 Will County DUI treatment centers below:

  • Adult Counseling and Educational Services
    16 W. Van Buren St. Ste. 202
    Joliet, IL 60432
    (815) 722-2773
  • Aztec Counseling Agency
    231 Ruby Street
    Joliet IL, 60435
    (815) 722-1700
  • Compass Development, Inc.
    3077 W. Jefferson St. Ste 102
    Joliet, IL 60435
    (815) 729-9723
  • Counseling Associates
    3033 W. Jefferson, Ste 205
    Joliet, IL 60435
    (815) 773-6277
  • Family Guidance Centers, Inc.
    1611 W. Jefferson St.
    Joliet, IL 60435
    (815) 730-7521
  • Paramo’s Counseling Center
    815 Larkin, Ste 204
    Joliet, IL 60435
    (815) 729-0055
  • Traffic School of Behavior Change
    54 N. Ottawa St. Ste. 500
    Joliet, IL 60432
    and additional locations
    (815) 723-7575
  • Will County Health Department
    501 Ella
    Joliet, IL 60432
    (815) 727-8521
  • Bolingbrook Treatment
    352 N. Schmidt Rd.
    Bolingbrook, IL 60440
    and additional locations
    (630) 705-0556
  • Community Service Council of Northern Will County
    440 Quadrangle Dr., Suite C
    Bolingbrook, IL 60440
    (815) 886-5000
  • Guiding Light Counseling
    538 E. Boughton Rd.
    Bolingbrook, IL 60440
    and additional locations
    (630) 739-7500
  • Hill ASAP Alcohol & Substance Abuse Program, Inc
    1040 E Steger Rd.
    Crete, IL 60417
    (708) 367-0578
  • All Types Counseling Services, LLC
    7210 W. Benton Dr. Unit 7240
    Frankfort, IL 60423
    additional locations
    (815) 806-2690
  • DUI-Court Services By Compgraph, Inc.
    20500 S. LaGrange Rd. Unit 6
    Frankfort, IL 60423
    and additional locations
    (815) 534-5893
  • Kelly's Accurate DUI Evaluations/Treatment Services
    20550 S. LaGrange Rd Basement Suite
    Frankfort, IL 60423
    (815) 630-8828
  • Partners In Treatment Counseling Service, Inc.
    21016 80th Ave, Suite #8
    Frankfort, IL 60423
    (815) 464-6554
  • Diagnostic Services Associates, Ltd.
    9400 Bormet Ste. 7
    Mokena, IL 60448
    (708) 293-1721 (708) 422-3680
  • Crossroads Counseling Services LLC
    3027 English Rows Ave, Ste103
    Naperville, IL 60564
    and additional locations
    (630) 548-0760
  • AVP Counseling & DUI Services
    336 W. Maple St. Unit 4
    New Lenox, IL 60451
    (815) 463-1234
  • Silver Cross Hospital Chemical Dependency Unit
    1900 Silver Cross Boulevard
    New Lenox, IL 60451
    (815) 300-7214
  • Associates In Professional Counseling & Coaching
    24118 W. Chicago St. Suite 210
    Plainfield, IL 60544
    and additional locations
    (708) 448-0884 (888) 545-5707

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